Expectations by age

Since all of you are starting the curriculum at different times, and some of you with multiple aged children, I wanted to give you my recommendations on how to use it and what to expect of your child, of course these are just MY opinions based on my interpretation of what CM said about foreign language and my own experience learning and teaching a foreign language, but please, be sensible to your child and do not ask more that will frustrate him or less that it will not get his interest in learning.

Here is what you suggest depending on your child’s age:

0-1 Use the curriculum for exposure only. Let him listen to the audios and talk to him. Sing the Spanish audios with a slow tempo as you put them to sleep.

2 have your child learn and perform the mimics for the songs and let him try to sing it if he wants (even if it sounds like a whole new language of his own).

3-5 Do not focus on learning everything, follow your child’s interest and let him guide you on which activity to spend more time than others. You can memorize songs but don't follow the curriculum timeline, CM had them learn two songs per term during formal studies. DO not have your child learn anything formally, do everything informally and keep it very playful.

6 If you already started formal lessons, follow the curriculum as is.

7+ Follow the curriculum as is. If an activity seems too "childish" for them you can: 

-Have them learn the sentence and not perform the action.

-Have the older ones tell the sentence to the little ones so that they perform the action.

Older kids can memorize and recite more poems and songs than the curriculum suggests.

If your child is under 6 you can either loosely follow the curriculum so that it takes about a month per Unit or cycle the curriculum more than once, leveling up each time. For example, If you start with a Newborn, got through it playing it as background, singing and talking to him. When he turns three start all over again from Year1 Unit 1 but now leveling up. At age 6 you can start all over with Year one and follow it as is.

This because CM recommended to start foreign language grammar, copy work, reading at age 8 so all the materials we will make for "Level 2" (year 3 and 4) are not recommended for kids under that age.